What is Qfer?

Qfer is a free mobile app, which allows users to save money (via special offers, stamp cards, rewards, etc.) at popular restaurants and cafes such as KFC, Subway, McDonald’s, Hesburger, Lido, Pizza Hut, Čili Pica, Papa John’s, Carl’s Jr., Turkebab and many others. Our goal is to keep expanding and to offer our users new and exciting offers and bonuses weekly.


How can I start using Qfer?

To start using our app you need to download and register within the app using your Facebook account or your email. You will receive an email from us with instructions on how to verify your profile.


How to confirm my e-mail? I did not receive a confirmation letter...

After the registration we will send a confirmation message to your e-mail address (it may be delayed up to 10 minutes). Sometimes these messages can be found in SPAM, ADS or other folders, so check all e-mail folders you have.

Before you have confirmed your e-mail, it can be changed, as well as you can send out a confirmation message again. This can be done in the "Profile" section by clicking on the "pencil" icon next to your e-mail address.


Is it free?

Great news, you can use Qfer for free! By downloading our app and verifying your email you can start using all of the amazing Qfer offers and pay only when you receive the service (right at your chosen venue).


How can I use a Qfer offer?

It’s simple! Choose an offer best suited for you, go to your desired location. In the app press the “USE NOW” button and allow the cashier to enter a unique code to receive your discount. Sounds too simple? It gets better. By using our offers, you will get Qfer money. What is Qfer money? Find out more below.


Where can I find more information about offers?

All of the information is available on our app. When you choose a specific offer press on the “I” icon under the “USE NOW” button to find out more about this offer or location.


Do these offers expire?

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, but don’t worry. We add new and better offers weekly, so don’t forget to open the Qfer app often. Maybe an offer you’ve hoped for is now available!


Can I save my favorite offers?

Of course! To save your favorites, simply press on the star next to the “Use Now” button on the selected offer’s page. Now you have a one-click access to all of your favorite offers on the bottom of each screen.


What is Qfer money?

Qfer money is our digital currency, which you can earn by actively using our app. You can then use this money to pay for offers in the “Buy with Qfer Money” section of the app.


How can I earn Qfer money?

You can earn Qfer money in 3 different ways:

1) By inviting a friend to use the Qfer app you will both earn 1 Qfer Eur. In order to receive Qfer Eur you need to be registered and your email needs to be verified. Your friend will receive their Qfer Eur immediately, but you will receive it, when your friend makes his first purchase using the Qfer app.

2) By using one of our offers you will receive some Qfer money on your account. Unfortunately, you can do this only once per offer, so be sure to try out different offers to earn more Qfer money!

3) If you liked the offer you just used, press the “Share on Facebook” button and share the offer on your Facebook profile. By doing so you will also receive Qfer money!


What is a Qfer friend code?

The Qfer friend promo code is a unique code that you can input in your “Profile” page (or during your registration through email) and you will receive 1 Qfer Eur. You can get this code if your friend, who is already a Qfer user, invites you to join Qfer. Your friend will also receive 1 Qfer Eur once you make your first purchase using Qfer. This code can be entered only once per profile, but you can invite as many friends as you want and you will receive Qfer money for everyone who joins.


How can I use my Qfer money?

You can use your Qfer money in the “Buy with Qfer money” section of the app. You can purchase these products by using your Qfer money only. Unfortunately, you cannot use Qfer money as a full or partial payment method for other offers.


How can I purchase something using Qfer money?

To use your Qfer money you need to save up enough money for your desired offer. When this is done, go to the “Buy with Qfer money’” section on the app and choose your gift. You will receive a unique code, which can later be found in your “Purchase history” under your “Profile” section. Save this code and show it to the cashier at the time of purchase. The code will expire eventually, so be sure to claim your purchase. Different conditions for each offer may apply, so be sure to check the information tab (“i” button) to find out more!


Why is my Qfer money gone/ Why have I been blocked?

Unfortunately, some people have tried to obtain Qfer money in an illicit way, by sending friend invites to fake emails, registering many profiles on one device, and other ways. We can see whether your invited friend is a real person and offer has been really used. If we detect any fraudulent activities we will disable the opportunity to obtain Qfer money (your existing Qfer money will also be deleted), however, you will still be able to use Qfer’s special offers.


I am a business, how can I register on Qfer?

Register your business here www.qfer.me or write us an email to info@qfer.me , we will contact you and explain the process!


How can I leave feedback?

Contact us at info@qfer.me



What is Qfer?

Qfer is mobile marketing solution developed specially for restaurants and fast food chains. Qfer allows companies to attract and retain customers, as well as collect valuable data. To join Qfer you just need to create a free account and we will help you to launch your marketing campaigns within few hours.


Why should a company use Qfer?

It is crucial for companies to use specifically designed marketing channels that provide positive and measurable financial results. Qfer makes it possible to calculate the profitability of the marketing activities and develop profitable marketing channel. Qfer analyzes and provides statistics in a simple yet powerful way that allows you to analyze sales of each location, understand the reasons of revenue increase or decrease and learn more about your clients.


How Qfer will help me?

We will assist you in your marketing activities such as distribution of special offers, launching stamp cards or point-based loyalty campaigns, automating email and push-notification marketing. Our marketing specialist will help you to develop marketing strategy specially for your company and all of this is available in one easy-to-use platform.


How to join Qfer?

Easy! All you have to do, is to register your company here! Enter contact information and fill in all the necessary fields. Keep in mind that the registration is free, which means that you can test and get to know more about marketing platform Qfer and its possibilities. We also have free trial period.


What do you do to help promote our marketing campaign?

There is a special section in merchant panel to promote your campaign using several approaches (for example, option to invite existing customers via email). Our marketing manager works hard to promote your program, which includes producing marketing materials, telling about new campaign to our user base, distributing in-store collateral, adding sign-up fields to your website and consultation on campaign promotion.


What statistical data and client information will I receive?

Company profile holds the most necessary information to easily review and analyze sales results and volumes. It is possible to view statistics for specific dates, specific locations, view specific product sales amounts, client traffic, client profiles and their activity (LTV), average purchase value, sales dynamics and all the essential information to calculate marketing channel profitability.


How to use offers in Qfer?

User chooses an offer, goes to your location, clicks on “USE NOW” button and allows the cashier to insert a unique code. Every company’s location has its own unique code that has to be entered in client’s smartphone at the time of purchase. This code can be changed when necessary in company profile (“Locations” section). It is important not to disclose the code to third parties as well as to enter it at every purchase to receive complete statistical data.

Keep in mind that all the cash flow remains at the company, i.e. a client pays the cashier as usual.


Do you offer free trials?

Yes, we offer a 15-day risk-free trial for all new members.


How much does it cost?

Qfer offers two collaboration models – fixed payment for every customer or monthly fee for each company’s location. Additional discounted pricing is available for multiple locations. Company can choose more suitable collaboration model after the free trial. If you want to specify the price for your company, contact us at business@qfer.me.


Is there a contract?

There is no contract, no commitment, no setup fees. You can start, cancel or suspend service at any time.


How do I cancel service?

To cancel you simply email us at business@qfer.me or cancel directly on our billing page in merchant panel. No hassles and no tricks.


If you need any additional help, contact us at business@qfer.me